Thank You Messages For Nurses – Appreciation Quotes

Nurses are perhaps the most important professionals.  Everyone will, at some point, need a nurse’s aid. Many nurses chose the profession because they feel called to help others. These nurses are deserve extra thanks for going above and beyond just doing their job. Hope these wordings will help you to write a heartfelt thank you message or a thoughtful appreciation notes to thank your favorite nurse.

Thank You Messages For Nurses

You didn’t even know me, yet you treated me like family… and I’ll never forget that. Thank you.

Angels come in all forms, but the best ones are called nurses. Thank you!

Doctors give medicines, nurses give hope.

The hospital cared for me like a patient but you cared for me like family. Thanks for everything.

This is not just a Thank You note for you but also a request to your boss to give you a raise. All the countless smiles on the faces of people you care for are more powerful than a letter of recommendation anyone could ever write. Thank you for putting one on my face too!

“Your passion for our patients’ health is appreciated every day. Thank you for all you do.

Your compassion, optimism and kindness do not go unnoticed. We appreciate you!

Because of you, we live in a happier, healthier world. Happy Nurses Week.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Just a moment to recognize you and your hard work. Happy Nurses Week!

You go above and beyond to make our patients comfortable. Thank you.

You are a valued member of our team. Thank you for being the amazing nurse you are!

You brighten peoples’ days—including ours. Happy Nurses Week!

Thank you for being an amazing nurse. Our team appreciates all that you do. Happy Nurses Week!

Thank You Notes For Nurses

Doctors cannot be doctors without degrees. Nurses cannot be nurses without love.

You’ll never realize how heroic nurses are, until you actually need one. That’s the lesson I’ve learnt and I’m glad I learnt it with you. Thank you.

Help, heal, inspire – that the job of a nurse. Thanks for being an awesome one.

Nurses are a perfect reminder of the fact that there may be a lot of evil out there in the world, but humanity still exists. Thank you for everything.

One of the most important qualifications of a good nurse, is to be a good human being first. Thank you for taking such good care of me.

The biggest medicine was the smile that you put on my face. Thank you.

There’s a word that may not exist in medical terminology but sure does in the hearts of nurses like you… and that word is CARE. Thanks for looking out for me.

Nothing comes close to the healing powers of a nurse who truly cares. I owe my recovery to you. Thanks for everything.

Thank you for taking care of my children as if they were your own.

I never did realize what went into being a nurse, until I needed one. Thanks for everything.

Nurses are the reason why people walk into hospitals with anxiety and walk out with smiles on their faces.

The strength in your voice was enough to ignite hope in my sick husband. You calmly explained to us in simple terms, all that we needed to know about his health condition. Thank you!

You committed all you could in time, experience, and words to ensure that I got a new lease to life. Today, I owe my life to you. Thank you for everything.

Appreciation Messages For Nurses

You do so much more than just take care of people well. You are part teacher, part motivational speaker, and part therapist.

I’m glad you went into nursing. You could have chosen many different professions but you made the choice to give to others and serve with your skills. You’re one of the best nurses I’ve met.

You give the profession of nursing a good name. I have a deep respect for what you do and the passion you bring to your work.

Thank you for your patience with me as I recovered. I know I’m not the easiest patient to deal with.

When you first introduced yourself, I didn’t realize how lucky I was to get such a great nurse. I hope to stay well forever, but if I ever need help again, I hope to have someone as great as you helping me.

You are a nurse, a caregiver and the one who tended my wounds when I was helpless and sore. I owe my wellness to you. Thanks you.

Here I am, saying thank you for the way you cared for me with compassion.

Dear nurse, it is impossible not to remember all that you did for me when it was as though all hope was lost. Thanks and God bless.

Your smiles were reassuring, and your faith was strong enough to pull me into believing that I would make it out, alive. Thanks, nurse, for your immeasurable kindness.

Being a nurse is a profession full of difficulties and challenges with no thanks. You are a great nurse and you deserve a great thank you for your work. Wishing you a Happy Nurses Day.

Happy Nurses Day Wishes Messages

It is not easy to give yourself away in serving others. Only a nurse as dedicated as you can do such a remarkable job. Wishing you a very Happy Nurses Day.

Thanks for taking such good care of me in the most difficult days of my life. Thanks for your unconditional services and patience. Wishing you a wonderful and Happy Nurses Day

We often fail to acknowledge the efforts and services of nurses who give their heart and soul into serving others. Thanks for your amazing services. Warm wishes on Nurses Day to you

A nurse gives comfort, care and attention to others when they are in the most sensitive condition. You make the most wonderful nurse. Wishing you a very Happy Nurses Day.

Quotes about Nurses

Real heroes wear scrubs, not capes. -Blake Flannery

A nurse will always give us hope, an angel with a stethoscope. -Carrie Latet

It would not be possible to praise nurses too highly. -Stephen Ambrose

A nurse is compassion in scrubs. -Lexie Saige

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